Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my fantastic DREAM PLACE.

i need to move.

like seriously

dont get me wrong, i love los angeles
but i think i've been here too long
more like 10 years..

..yah i think its time i move on by now 

if i move somewhere in the states
i want to move to Seattle or New York
Seattle.. for the chill and relaxed city life
and the gloomy skies with nice little coffee shops
and New York..
i mean who wouldnt want to move to New York
don't even need to explain why i want to move out there

outside the country..
either Paris or London or even Milano
somewhere Europe.. thats incredibly artsy

but sometimes i want to move to somewhere like Finland or Sweden
somewhere so calm and peaceful
but then again i need my city life
i need my busy streets and people walking around at 2am 

i guess downtown los angeles wont be bad either
not the ghetto downtown but the more chic north downtown area

rawr i need to move out to my fantastic ULTIMATE dreamland.