Friday, December 4, 2009

my fantastic TIME FOR SCARVES.

(various websites)

oh yes
its finally that time of the year
where we wear chunks of fabric on our necks
and call it scarves lol

i think scarves are very crucial not only for its purpose
but its like a bold-ass-statement
i think scarves are hard to pull off tho
because its not like a shirt that you can just put it on and you're good
but you need to wear it in a certain way to look gooooooood haha

ok enough talking.
lets go pull out those winter garments
oh wait, never mind
its like 70degrees in LA -_-


Sunday, November 29, 2009


(i am thankful for my love for elephants)

yes, this is my first big holiday
since i turned 21
so i felt the need to be in the holiday spirit and give thanks

for those who don't know
this fantastic country via USA has a weird law that
you can smoke/drive/vote/marry without parents/watch porn (even make one lol) when you are 18 but you cant drink til youre 21
yea at times like this.. it sucks to be an american -_- haha
(cuz in my mother's land via Korea i could of started drinking like 3 fucking years ago >:[)

so this thanksgiving was just like any other (plus drinking wine legally haha)
first off, my awesome Korean parents do not feed me turkey on thanksgiving
YES, you read that correctly, no turkey on my thanksgiving!
ok before you start leaving ferocious comments about not doing the right thing on thanksgiving or that i am too asian and blahblahblah
my mom justifies this action by saying
"turkeys are too dry, whats the point of eating dried chicken" haha shes awesome like that
(no in reality im sure she just doesnt know how to cook that damn thing
and our oven is used as a storage device)
so yea we ate chicken and mashed potatoes (at least this was legit) and watched tv
I KNOW.. we are so damn holiday spirited woohoo
its unbelievable (that was sarcasm if you didnt catch it)

anyway i am very thankful for..
GOD (yes i am a faithful Christian, deal with it :D)
all the electronic devices that controls me (via blackberry/laptop/ipodetc)
CAR (this is very necessary in the world of Los Angeles)
McDonald's Iced Coffee Hazelnut (yea their food is disgusting but the coffee is some legit shit!)
all my plaid shirts/flannels (ive been getting a lil too much of these to the point where im 'collecting' now.. not 'shopping' lol)
NEW ERA caps (yes ladies, we just wear New Eras for bad hair days or when we are just too fucking lazy to do our hair & not go to salons)
DRIED MANGOES (okay seriously if you havnt eaten these before youre like missing out in life. no lie)
UrbanOutfitters/H&M/Heritage1981/Kitson/AmericanApparel/ZARA (i would be walking around NAKED without these guys)
Chipotle/Baja Fresh (okay i cant help it, theyre just fucking amazing i can eat it everyday)
patron & greygoose (im just kidding. no seriously i am haha i hate vodka or not :p)
my SANITY (yes, im still sane despite all the crazyshizzmuthaeffinballer stuff happening lately)
and lastly
the few readers of this blog :) lol

happy holidays
hopefully i'll be back before Christmas!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my fantastic 1950's.

i really really really love the 50's
the art and design from this period is sooooooo damnnnnn awesome

it's so significant to me cause everything seems so perfect from this time
the colors are so vivid and perfect
the fashion is so perfect, perfectly shaped and fitted
they are flawlessly groomed
they talk in a perfect tone
they use perfect words
everything is so damn perfect

at times it feels like folks from the 50's lived a life that was filled with sarcasm..
even to the point where it freaks me out cause they are so robotic
it's so perfect, it's so weird, yet it's so fantastic

i think 50's represent the perfect idealized human living..
humans that are so perfect that they are almost like robots
which leads to how futurism was so significant in this period
esp since it was a decade right before men were sent to the moon
what's crazy is that despite the fact its been 60 years since then
the futuristic living they imagined is still not available...
such a shame :/

but yea, i want that kind of perfect living..
living in my perfect little kitchen that bakes a cake in a heart beat
driving around the perfect car that talks to me
carrying a perfect lady on my shoulder singing tunes hopping around like a mad person
yea, that's what i call a perfect life. lol


Monday, September 21, 2009

my fantastic HUH? WHAT? IS THIS HEAVEN?


i am completely speechless.
as a graphic designer
as a person with mad typographic love
this is a big piece of heaven


Friday, September 11, 2009



a lot of people tend to dress normal
don't get me wrong, normal is cool, normal is fantastic
but at times there's that craving for something different,
something EXTRAordinary
so i picked these guys out and i give them a standing ovation
serious props to these ppl and their brave hearts
bravo, you win.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my fantastic DANDY SCHMANDY.

( /

dandy suits are just damn sexy.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my fantastic BALLS.


feels like floating in space
amazing graphics

Thursday, September 3, 2009



by Nacho Gil

amazingly detailed illustration of animals by Argentina based artist Nacho Gil
despite the fact that the artist only used triangular shapes
the outcome is just so amazing
who needs curves or circles to draw
just gimme the triangles!




so up until about two weeks ago i was like
"wow it's a pretty cool(weather wise) summer"
the weather was very not-LA-summer-y
it was cool in the afternoon and it even got pretty chill at night

and then BAM
about two weeks ago mother nature slapped me right across the face
it got so amazingly HOTTTTTTTTTT
its dry and humid (yea they're not suppose to be together so you get how abnormal the weather is lol)
its so hot that im like coughing up sweat
i would be sitting in my room with the AC on and i would still be sweating like a monkey haha

so i was checking out the solutions to what i can wear in this scorching hot weather
despite the fact that i want to literally walk out with just my undies
i don't wana get arrested
so i think i found my solution in GIVENCHY SS'09
despite the fact that these guys are pretty much half naked
they look damn well dressed
bravo givenchy bravo lol


my fantastic WHOA!

(U.O. WHOA! shirt)

oh yes
gota love targét
no its not target, it's targét
i always walk into targét determined that i would buy a single bottle of shampoo
and i would walk out with a pack of hangers, box of tissues, 3 boxes of cereal,
39 others things with a receipt marked $127.78
everything just looks so damn good under the red roof
i really think targét releases special chemical right when you walk in there that makes you wana buy 30 more things than youre suppose to lol

- mfR

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my fantastic TYPE.


a white background and black type
it could of been such a boring cliche but
i dont think design always have to be something abstract
just the right choice of type and the right placement of them
makes everything perfect


my fantastic VMAN COVER.


when great fashion meets great graphic designer
the result you get is phenomenal

just look at these fantastic magazine covers from VMAN
the simplicity behind the color, the usage of negative space, the simple type
just explains how upscale this magazine is
and that they hired an amazing cover designer

-mfR :)



yes the title of this post explains everything
no its not madonna with her 4 minutes
but its the simple styles that will cure the world from hunger(?) lol

yea you get the point,
the four dudes above are so simply dressed yet they are so fantastic!!
just a shirt(or jacket) + jeans + shoes
thats it!
but the color matching.. the fit.. the flow..
just makes it so damn amusing

i truly think so many people overdress
who cares if you have the '09 f/w's coolest leather jacket?
if you over do it
it just looks crappy as any vinyl jacket out there lol


my fantastic SEPTEMBER ISSUE.

to my amazement, i still get visitors despite the fact that i haven't updated in a month
the visitors did go down by 60% but im so surprised that there are still the 40%

i'll admit,
i have been very lazy with updating this blog

at first i wanted this blog to be like one of those crazy blogs
with 100 comments and thousands of viewers
but it was hard to even get tens and hundreds viewers
and it was so hard to post something new and fantastic everyday
so at one point i just kind of gave up

just like how they say september issue of a magazine is like the month of january
when all things start off new and fresh
hopefully this entry will be like the september issue
the biggest fattest freshest newest post of the year :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my fantastic SHOCKING AD.

shocking much?

a perfect combination of
public safety + art

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my fantastic NEW SHOES.

(BED STU casual dress shoes)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

my fantastic BURBERRY PRORSUM PRE FW'09.


yes despite the fact that it is
over 150degrees outside (even at night)
these coats are just
these are the perfect babies for the upcoming winter
(from the fact that california winter is like.. 70 degrees LOL)
this Christmas.. i am determined to open my present with one of these babies on!

-mfR :DDD