Friday, March 20, 2009

my fantastic SPRING BREAK.

im finally done with winter quarter
finished the damn finals
and now i can have a life.. lol
finals week was a bitch
no fun no fun
why do finals havta be like 80% of your grade?
whats the point of goin to school for 9 weeks
when all you need to do is do good on the finals
rawr i hate finals

rawr anyway
spring break is here
but i cant enjoy it til i get my grade
and my grades come out at the end of next week
oh and guess what? my break ends next week
rawr i hate this

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my fantastic ORGANIZED DOG.

my dog is sleeping in the other room
she's snoring like no tomorrow
sometimes her snoring makes me think that she might be human

she always comes into my room around 9am
and she sleeps on my bed like no tomorrow
she always gets the center of my bed
and i end up on the side 
of course i fought for it
but she always wins like no tomorrow
then she leaves around 11am
and lays on the living room floor for the sunlight

she's organized
she's a one damn orgaznied dog 

my fantastic WHO?

i've had so many of those xangas and myspaces 
but who knew i would start bloggin

la la la i know yall wana hear bot my life
i mean who doesnt??
ever since the hills
i think everyone cares about how everyones lives lol

im 20
im in college
i do graphic design
i buy clothes more than i breathe
i like endless movie watching
i like electronic,house,shibuya-k but i still love pop
i hate when my contacts bug
i live in urban outfitters
i hate touching doorknobs
theres more but i'm lazyyyy
i'll keep you updated whenever i could think of it
but if you say you dont give a damn
oh well
it's ok
my life 
will still go on
cuz i have
my fantastic robot