Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my fantastic WHO?

i've had so many of those xangas and myspaces 
but who knew i would start bloggin

la la la i know yall wana hear bot my life
i mean who doesnt??
ever since the hills
i think everyone cares about how everyones lives lol

im 20
im in college
i do graphic design
i buy clothes more than i breathe
i like endless movie watching
i like electronic,house,shibuya-k but i still love pop
i hate when my contacts bug
i live in urban outfitters
i hate touching doorknobs
theres more but i'm lazyyyy
i'll keep you updated whenever i could think of it
but if you say you dont give a damn
oh well
it's ok
my life 
will still go on
cuz i have
my fantastic robot

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