Thursday, July 16, 2009

my fantastic ROBOT #007.

(Salt Valley dress shirt + H&M dress pants)

yesterday i went to a semi-formal dinner with friends
the restaurant required semi-formal wear
so it was fun to see my old friends all dressed up lol
i hate looking 'too much' esp when it comes to formal wear
so i just wore a dress shirt from Salt Valley and my favorite H&M dress pants

the dinner was good
but they didn't let me take pictures for 'confidential' issues -_-
it's not like we're gona take pictures of the interior and sell it to someone on the other side of planet hahaha
(sadly i can't even hide my camera and take pictures cuz it's so big haha)
but the dinner was fantastic and i got a compliment from a total stranger so i think it was all worth it lol


  1. oh my, new hair?
    or am i just being retarded?
    looks good though~

  2. newjin// yess new hair :) thanks for noticing haha cuz no one really noticed :/