Thursday, September 3, 2009



so up until about two weeks ago i was like
"wow it's a pretty cool(weather wise) summer"
the weather was very not-LA-summer-y
it was cool in the afternoon and it even got pretty chill at night

and then BAM
about two weeks ago mother nature slapped me right across the face
it got so amazingly HOTTTTTTTTTT
its dry and humid (yea they're not suppose to be together so you get how abnormal the weather is lol)
its so hot that im like coughing up sweat
i would be sitting in my room with the AC on and i would still be sweating like a monkey haha

so i was checking out the solutions to what i can wear in this scorching hot weather
despite the fact that i want to literally walk out with just my undies
i don't wana get arrested
so i think i found my solution in GIVENCHY SS'09
despite the fact that these guys are pretty much half naked
they look damn well dressed
bravo givenchy bravo lol


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