Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my fantastic 1950's.

i really really really love the 50's
the art and design from this period is sooooooo damnnnnn awesome

it's so significant to me cause everything seems so perfect from this time
the colors are so vivid and perfect
the fashion is so perfect, perfectly shaped and fitted
they are flawlessly groomed
they talk in a perfect tone
they use perfect words
everything is so damn perfect

at times it feels like folks from the 50's lived a life that was filled with sarcasm..
even to the point where it freaks me out cause they are so robotic
it's so perfect, it's so weird, yet it's so fantastic

i think 50's represent the perfect idealized human living..
humans that are so perfect that they are almost like robots
which leads to how futurism was so significant in this period
esp since it was a decade right before men were sent to the moon
what's crazy is that despite the fact its been 60 years since then
the futuristic living they imagined is still not available...
such a shame :/

but yea, i want that kind of perfect living..
living in my perfect little kitchen that bakes a cake in a heart beat
driving around the perfect car that talks to me
carrying a perfect lady on my shoulder singing tunes hopping around like a mad person
yea, that's what i call a perfect life. lol


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  1. Fifty years later and we still couldnt have perfect life that we dreamed of. It's just sad isnt it?