Thursday, June 25, 2009

my fantastic KING OF POP.

today was a shocking day

i was busy with my day
and suddenly i heard the the shocking news of the King of Pop passing away
i was so shocked and bewildered
despite the fact that i hardly listened to him, i knew his legend
he was and is the King of Pop
without him we would of never had Britney Spears to BoA

speaking of truth i've never really listened to Michael Jackson
i was born in the late 80's so i've always thought he was part of the 'oldies'
but today i've realized how i was truly wrong..

i turned on the radio and it was playing Billie Jean
i've heard this song so many times
but today i realized how fantastic this song is
it's beat, it's melody, it's lyrics are just so magnificient
and all day Billie Jean was stuck in my head
i can't believe i've missed the pop legend
and realized his greatness after he passed away

no more billie jean
no more moon walks

a truly magical and legendary person
R.I.P. Michael Jackson
you'll be dearly missed.

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