Friday, June 19, 2009

my fantastic ROBOT #005.

(H&M cardigan + U.O. NEWYORK TIMES shirt + F21 jeans + VANS authentics)

the sun finally came out and about
it's been like a YEAR since i saw the sun in full scale lol
i was definitely going through sun withdrawal :(
the sun felt so damn good
i was standing outside in awe cuz it was so bright and shiny haha
it's funny how you can miss the simplest and the most basic form of life so much
my lesson of the day was appreciating things when you have it
gawd.. imagine the world without a sunny day
FML forreallssss haha


  1. when & where did you get your jeans?!

  2. newjin// at forever21.. like MONTHS ago tho lol i don't know if they have it anymore :/ cuz you know they change stock like every day lol

    IAMTHEANGELNEGRO// haha thank you!!