Saturday, May 23, 2009

my fantastic BAND OF OUTSIDERS FW'09.



i cant stop
i cant stop
i cant stop
looking at this collection

just look at these pure beautiesssssssssss lol
suits are just the best damn thing on earth
when a men wears a suit
we look so damn fine haha
and esp when they are all chic and modern and simple and minimal and stylish and classic
like BAND OF OUTSIDERS FW'09 collection
i could just wear them everyday
even to my classes lol (no kidding considering some of them looks a little school uniform-ish)

what makes them more cool is that it's not your typical
black/gray suits but so much damn color in them
rawrrrrr i wana like eat them all hahaha


  1. omg i saw the boys by band of outsiders with kirsten dunst.
    TOTAL LOVE i want it all so awesome. its casual, its chic, it's fantastic.

  2. newjin// OH WOW you actually saw them? thats crazyyyyyyy yup i totally agree with you awesome,casual,chic,and FANTASTIC lol