Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my fantastic HA:SANG;BEG FW'09.


ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy
look at those broad shouldered jackets haha
i just love any garments with big BIG shoulders
(cuz a man should always have big shoulders for people to lean on right? lol)
and just look at those details on the shoulder
making them look even more broad lol

these are the pics from Seoul Fashion Week
(yes Seoul the capital of South Korea actually has a fashion week)
not as famous or popular as the ones in Paris, London, Milan, or New York
but it sure has great designers with great taste

and out of many
this is the FW'09 line by a Korean designer SANG-BEG HA
(known for his brand HA:SANG;BEG)
he is one of my favorite korean designers

SANG-BEG is not only famous among FASHION people
but famous in the ENTERTAINMENT business as well
he's been getting a lot of attention being the stylist for
a 'contemporary' korean boy band called SHINee

here are some pictures of SHINee styled by SANG-BEG HA
yes they have some good style indeed :)

so if you dont have broad shoulders and have skinny legs
i strongly suggest this FW'09 line haha

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