Saturday, May 30, 2009

my fantastic STREET FASHION #03

(Dr. Martens boots - vintage fedora - vintage police hat)

sexyyyyyy coupleeeeee
RAWR look at the matching Dr. Martens
now thats what i call matching couple!
don't give me no cheesy couple t-shirts or couple bracelets
a matching Dr. Martens will do its job haha
and those vintage hats are just too damn cool

A+ :D

(Vans shoes + Uniqlo bag + unknown bracelets)

i guess it's so simple it's so awesome
shirt and pants are just ordinary but his accessories are cool
especially his sunglasses
RAWRRRR i want! i want!
too bad i couldn't find out what those were..
and the bag from uniqlo is cool too
uniqlo is a like a number one fashion brand from japan


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