Friday, May 29, 2009

my fantastic STREET FASHION #02

(The Stori jacket - WHY wallet - various keychains)

ahhh tell me about hardcore chic lol
first off that tattoo on his head is ridiculously cool
and it must have hurt like a biotchhh :((
i mean getting a lil tattoo on the elbow hurst
but imagine your head??
ohhh myyy
the jacket is super cool and the jean fit is amazing
i really think jeans aren't about how expensive they are 
but all about the sickk fit 

i give him B

(Ray Ban glasses + Nudie jeans + Casio vintage watch)

i love this vintage lookk
ray bans are like a must have vintage classic!
nudie jeans are swedish jean company
and they are just so frkn niceeeeee but expensive :( haha
and of course a casio vintage wach is a must have as well

B+ :D

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