Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my fantastic SPACE15TWENTY.

on a nice sunny sunday
what is there to do other than
and by SUNSET i mean SPACE15TWENTY

SPACE15TWENTY is a shopping area/courtyard/mini outdoor mall on sunset blvd.
it has really nice urban clothing stores and a design bookstore including a snackbar
its chic & modern making it seem like a nice back alley of london or newyork

of course i shopped but not until i dropped
i enjoy shopping but not the empty wallet
so i controlled myself
i just bought 2 flannels and a shirt (which i will update soon)
now can i get a pat on my back? haha

and then grabbed a bite at jack in the box
darn those curly fries
so fattening
but so good

2 guilty pleasures in one day
no good :/

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