Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my fantastic STREET FASHION #01

who said asians can't dress?
i think asians are the most overlooked people when it comes to fashion
when you say FASHION it's always somewhere in the europe
and all the street fashions are either from the states or some part of UK
but i truly think aisans can dress themselves as well
if you think about it.. all the products at Forever 21 are all from asia (get my point yet? lol)

and out of all those asians
koreans have some good style

so these are some hand picked (by me :D) street styles that i found to be so cooooool
from a korean street fashion website known for its stylish pics
their pictures are usually from the urban districts in seoul
and these dudes can dress themselves oh yesssssssss

so enjoy and get inspired lol

(Dior Homme jacket - Dr. Martens boots - The Formation jeans)

can you say.. WOW?
haha i think this guy's style is so SIMPLE but CHIC
it's not too over the top where it's all flashy
but it's like one of those styles that when they walk by
you have to turn around and look at it one more time lol
and you wouldn't notice but all the items are just so amazing
who ever thought padded jacket could be so stylish?
Dior Homme Padded Jacket that is so much better than north face -_- lol
i really need to get my hands on one of those Dr. Martens boots
they are just so bulky like work boots but has a desirable sexyness to it haha
and The Formation is a jean brand from Japan known for its slick fit jeans

i give him A+
cause he is like the first person ever to look good in a padded jacket lol :)

(Vivienne Westwood scarf + Vivienne Westwood brooch + Comme des Garçons shirt + Comme des Garçons jacket)

if i ever see him walk by
i will definitely kidnap all his belongings lol
not one but TWO of Vivienne Westwood items and Comme des Garçons items
mmmmmmmmmmnm i'm jealous
that's all i can say haha
i am pretty sure all of you know Vivienne Westwood
and Comme des Garçons is a fashion label based in Japan 
and their items are a must get!
they recently did a collaboration with H&M and it got sold out so fast i coudln't get my hands on them :(

i give him A- 
cause that's too matchy matchy
(okay.. just kidding i'll admit i'm jealous :p lol)


  1. fffffffffff i want a pair of doc martens so bad!!! but so expensive. but someday.
    and i *heart* Vivienne Westwood, FOREVERRR
    &&those jeans are siccc

  2. haha seriously! I WANT DR MARTENS SO BAD TOOO!!!! :( i say we start a savings account for just for those boots lol and yess Vivienne is just so coooool foreverrrrrrrr haha