Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my fantastic BED + HAMMOCK.


i just frkn love hammocks
the fact that you can sleep in a swing is just a sweet idea haha
and when i saw these...
a BED+HAMMOCK=BEMMOCK (don't know if that's a word tho)
this is just sooo coooooooooool
i mean life really truly really can't get any better right? haha
its not one of those ugly-jugle-fishnet-hammocks
but its like a comfy bed thats haning and swinging!!
frkn awesome

but they are about $20,000-$50,000
nevermind i'll just get a car instead :( lol

another eversocomfylooking bemmock


AHHHHH this looks so comfy too!!
just imagine having that in your backyard and sleeping there in the summer 

this one is about $20,000 as well

yup still getting a car instead...... lol


  1. mmm i want one! with a book and a nice cold drink

  2. Prime Garden Heritage Hammock Package from Bizarkdeal

    I love this Hammock! It came in a very large, very heavy box, but my husband and I were able to get it into the house together. The hammock comes in several pieces - 4 for the base, the hammock itself, the pillow, and the hammock topper/blanket. It took maybe 10 minutes to put all of the pieces in it and climb in. My husband and I along with our dog were all able to fit in the hammock and take a nap comfortably together.

    Our covered patio area is smaller than we like now because the hammock is so big. I guess I didn't realize how big 15 feet really is. However, the hammock is easy to take apart and store away when you need more room for guests, so no big deal. It's really comfortable and is going to be a mainstay on our patio!