Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my fantastic NEW FEDORAS.

like i confessed couple entries ago
i have a thing for fedoras (and many other things haha)

i dont wear them often
but fedoras are so tempting when they are nicely sitting on the shop shelves
i cannot just pass by one without taking them home
they can be worn in formal suit wears or just casual wear to spice things up
at times when i'm just wearing a simple v-neck and skinny jeans
just wearing a fedora makes a whole lot of difference

so this recent purchase(s) show my addiction to fedoras
i couldnt make up my mind on the colors
so i just got all three lol
it was a great deal though (trying to justify my actions lol)
so i couldnt resist but get all three
and i only have black/gray/tan colored fedoras
so these dark navy/dark olive/dark brown fedoras are a must get for my fedora collection
(justifying my actions again haha)
plus look at that great detail in the feather,
just amazing

who said fashion ends with a great pair of shoes?
fashion ends with a great piece of fedora :)

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