Sunday, May 17, 2009

my fantastic KOREAN BBQ.

couple days ago
me and a friend chowed down all these delicious yum-yums in a heartbeat
also known as korean bbq

if you live anywhere near where there are tons of asians
or should i say koreans
you probably heard of korean bbq
and if you haven't 
sorry but you are terribly missing out :(

korean bbq is basically
all these kinds of different meat 
(beef/pork/spicy pork/korean bacon/chicken/steak/etc.)
all cooked on the table ready to go down to your stomach
served with tons of salad so no worries about blood clogging lol

lots of people complain about the 'smell' after you eat korean bbq cuz of all the meat cooking
but you don't complain about the greasy food at dimsum place or the high prices at a sushi bar
so why complain about korean bbq? haha
everything comes with a consequence :)

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